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Waterproofing contractor in Gujrat IndiaTypes of work

Turnkey Projects

WaterProofing Contractor in Gujrat

An agreement under shich a contractor completes a project then hands it over to the Client, which needs to do nothing but “Turn A key”, as it were to set it in motion.

Project Management Consultancy

Under PMC engineering contract will overlook the EPC contractors work to ensure compliance with client scope of works. The Pmc’s role is to lead, guide, steer, inspire and motivate his entire project team and to Marshal all necessary resources to implement and manage tasks and activities in order to achieve milestones and Project deliverables, usually in terms of time, cost and durability in order to ensure project success, avoid or reduce project failure altogether.

Waterproofing company Gujrat


Brick Bet Waterproofing

Waterproofing is a method which prevents water from prenetrating your Home/office. Waterproofing is very IMP as it helps keep your home-office-building structure dry. It helps reduce humidity inside the house and also prevents damages later. During monsoon we all come across the problem of water seepage from the ceiling, external walls or water getting clogged in the rerrace which results in seppage. Such problems if not reated in time can lead to damage such as insect infestation, mold and in worst cases building failures. We at odd jobs, also offer DIY (do it yourself) options if you don’t want to spend extra for hiring a applicator or contractor. Waterproofing solutions are availbale from roof to basement. It is advisable to use waterproofing chemicals at the time of constructing a house for long and healthy life of walls, ceiling and structure.

Types of waterproofing are:

   1. Brick Bet Waterproofing

   2. Pre-Monsooon roof repairing

   3. Ceiling cracks and painting external walls with waterproofing paint and sealants. Concrete admixtures

   4. Waterproofing in underground & overhead Water tanks

We also provide treatments for wall flaking, wall corrosion, Bathrooms, Tiles joint sealants, Toilet floor waterproofing etc.

Personal Renovation Consultancy

For many, talking on a home renovation project feels much like an exciting but complicted puzzle of choices and decisions. Hiring a PRC will help to eliminate much of the confusion and stress involved with your renovation Project while saving you money and ensuring you get quality knowledge in order to complete your project successfully.
A PRC or Personal Renovation Consultant, is an individual who has many years of hands on experience in the construction industry that allows them to guide homeowners through a renovation project, possible complications they may encounter, realistic expectations, ansering questions and giving customized assistance throughout a renovation project.
Don’t make the mistake that so many homemakers make by underestimating the value a PRC can have on the success and quality of your project. We will save your time, money and energy and reduce the stress and anxiety that is inherent in home renovation.

Pre-Monsooon roof repairing


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